—PT. IndoArch Sumberdaya Tambang Resource is technical services provider in mining industry for exploration, mining and investments companies, located in Jakarta. Our services starting from greenfield through to brownfield mining stages, extend across the entire the project development time line; such as exploration, geological modeling, mine planning also due diligence and other commercial services.
—As a rising and emerging  Mine consult company, PT. IndoArch Sumberdaya Tambang has commitment to delivering technical and commercial services on budget and on time with the international standard quality. Our offices supporting by geologist and mining professionals which hand on experienced of coal, minerals and CBM commodities.
—Very competitive, as a tailor made service fit to client requirement. empowering local engineering expertise. Effective, efficient and low operational cost, but maintained the international standard quality.

•  Professional & Independent
•  Low Budget & High Quality
•  On-Time
•  Taylor Made
•  Focus