Mine Technical Development

IndoArch will be assisting and collaboration with client to develop, improve and control mine technical to achieve company goals.  Our services are:

  • Engineering Management System (EMS)

IndoArch will be evaluate of existing engineering management system and re-setup and manage of client engineering system based on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

IndoArch will be developing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and control actual implementation by daily monitoring at site.

  • Cost Control and Cost Reduction Program

IndoArch will manage and supervise mining budget versus actual. Evaluate and analyzed critical cost, create graphical cost and cost reduction programmes.

  • Geological Management System

IndoArch will setup geological standard operating procedure (SOP), Geological database system, management geological model, resources calculation and critical area.

  • Production Management

IndoArch will create production plan, control and manage the production schedule. IndoArch will control the reconciliation between production plan versus actual production or mining.

  • Optimization Studies

IndoArch will review of economic assumptions (cost and revenue) used in the determination of pit limits and as necessary undertake pit optimization using appropriate software.

  • Strategic Advice

IndoArch will give strategic advice to control, manage and develop the client company