Equipment Maintenance Management

IndoArch will be assisting and collaboration with client to provide Equipment Maintenance Management Service with the recent Maintenance Management System supported by the latest information technology.Physical availability, performance, and equipment repair cost have to be maintained and monitored to gain overall project goals. Based on long and best experiences in heavy equipment maintenance and repair we support your company to get best results. Our services are:

  • Arrange Maintenance Schedulling according with specification, pre inspection, task and demand of each equipment or fleet.
  • Budgeting maintenance cost according Maintenance Plan and Pre inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance according maintenance plan.
  • Corrective Maintenance for support equipment/fleet occupancy.
  • Breakdown Maintenance if necessary for healing damage equipment/fleet to operational condition.
  • Periodical maintenance activity report with implement maintenance cost report and equipment/fleet condition report, also forecast treatment report for next period.

Full Maintenance Contract (FMC)

IndoArch will be assisting and collaboration with client to provide total solution for Full Maintenance Contract as well. FMC ensures our costumers to get total best result in Heavy Equipment Maintenance. FMC provides overall maintenance process including maintenance logistics, spare parts, that will give easy-monitored cost control for your company since the output is availability compares to cost per unit hours meter or cost per ton commodity. Our services are:

  • Deliver and apply all features in Equipment Maintenance Management Service.
  • Provide and manage all maintenance logistic such as Spare part, oil and lubricant, tools, etc.
  • Provide technical maintenance training for Mechanic or Driver / Operator (Optional).
  • Provide in-site Mechanic that stands by for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Tyre Management

IndoArch will be assisting and collaboration with client to provide services for tyre management. Our services are:

  • Periodical tyre inspection on each fleet or equipment.
  • Monitoring and evaluated wear performance from each fleet or equipment
  • Tyre Benchmarking
  • Scrap tyre analysis
  • Periodical report
  • Driver / Operator training about tyre maintenance (Optional)
  • Turning tyre on the rim and changeover
  • Periodical tyre rotation for maximum wear performance
  • Tyre retreading (Optional)
  • Waste tyre disposal
  • Emergency tyre breakdown handling

Spare part, Oil and Lubricant Supplies

  • Spare part, oil and lubricant supplies with various ranges of specification and customer requirement.
  • Full support from United Tractor for heavy equipment / mining fleet spare part with various type and brand maker.

Fuel Monitoring Control

Indoarch Consulting provide Fuel Monitoring Control with integrated system (SAP). The services depend on client requirement.